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Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and family therapist.

Member of Ordine degli Psicologi del Lazio, Association of Family Therapist (UK), and UKCP, Societa’ Italiana Cure Palliative (SICP), Societa’ Italiana di Psicologia Pediatrica (S.I.P.Ped)

5 years NHS working experience offering individual, couple and family therapy with cancer and neurological conditions (MND) and consequent expertise in bereavement support;

Previous work on Child Development and Child/Adolescent/Adult Mental Health ( with a particular expertise to Eating disorders); Special interest in working with Individuals and Families abroad that could feel challenged by a different cultural,social, and political approach to life.

My approach with…

I apply a systemic approach to helping individuals appreciate their role and function within interpersonal relationships and groups in order to identify their communication patterns, beliefs, expectations, strengths and weaknesses. Together we examine internal conflicts & concerns in a new perspective – and learn how to address issues within these contexts.

Together we reveal ways to cope collaboratively with any distress, misunderstanding and pain that is affecting the emotional wellbeing of family members – and thus putting a strain on the family unit. We focus on the development of coping skills and problem-solving strategies for mutual support.

In both the individual and family approaches we will move towards empowerment: working from a passive state to an active one. We will be seeking to bring about an integration of self-acceptance and self-confidence, and a personal ability to take control of our own lives.

My clinical expertise covers:

  • Child development
  • Child, adolescent and adult mental health (with a particular experience of eating disorders)
  • Marital problems (including separation and divorce)
  • Parenting skills and family functioning
  • School, work and career issues
  • Health problems (particularly chronic physical illnesses and cancer in all its stages)
  • Traumatic experiences (loss a and bereavement)

Cross-cultural expertise

I have visited countries in different continents, I have been working as European project manager on projects of prevention and education having the chance to visit and work with colleagues of several European countries, I have been working clinically in Ireland and in United Kingdom where I have spent the last five years of my life in a clinical service that offers support to families with cancers and chronic neurological illness such MND.

Finally I have married an English man, creating a multicultural families and what I would define two European children.

These experiences have enriched both my cross- cultural background and my understanding of the difficulties adjusting to a new environment may bring.

Note: I really believe that nothing works for everyone. We have to choose each other and be co~partners in this work for change. However, I am offering a safe and comfortable environment in which 1. together we monitor progress and adjust to each other and to further steps and objectives 2. I am open to negative feedback.


Individual psychotherapy: 50 Euro per session

Couple/Family therapy: 80 Euro per session


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